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Research Partnerships

● Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: Analysis of structural contradictions in Chinese college graduates' employment for the National Social Sciences Fund's project, "Research on college graduates' employment during industrial upgrading and transition".

Chinese graduates' entrepreneurship survey.

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Institute of International Labor and Social Security: "College Graduate Employment During Industrial Transition and Growth".

Ministry of Justice: Create national master of law graduates' employment and education quality follow-up system.

OECD: Data analysis and support for education section of the "2015 OECD Economic Survey of China."

World Bank: Evaluation of the Technical and Vocational Education and Reform Program in Guangdong province (Guangdong TVET Project).

Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences: "The relationship between major distribution among ordinary higher education institutions in Beijing and urban economic development".

Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society: "Chinese mechanical engineering talent report".

Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education: Collaborate with the Vocational Education Quality Assurance & Evaluation Research Committee on comprehensive tracking and evaluation of higher vocational education students as part of the Ministry of Education's research project on philosophy and social sciences graduates.

The China Association for Non-Governmental Education's Higher Education Committee: "Chinese society's attitudes towards private higher education institutions"

● Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences: "Chinese vocational education talent" (2012-2014).

● MyCOS is also the exclusive applied research base for Beijing Normal University Institute of Higher Education, Tsinghua University Institute of Higher Education, Peking University Graduate School of Education and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics School of Economics.